November 19, 2008

North Cyprus Villas

822524_ocean_view_2.jpgNorth Cyprus Villas offers you the comfort of home in this land of ancient love stories. According to legend, when Aphrodite, the goddess of love, rose from the surreal beauty of the Mediterranean, North Cyprus was there to welcome her. North Cyprus was the background of the marriage of King Richard the Lionheart, and the gift bestowed on Cleopatra by the love-struck Mark Anthony. Relive the most heart-touching and heart-breaking love stories from the comfort of one of the many North Cyprus Villas. In a world that time has forgotten, where you can roam through ancient castles and explore ancient ruins, the lovely North Cyprus Villas takes your back to a time when fate of the world lay in the hearts of gods and goddesses.

Within walking distance, or a short car ride, from many North Cyprus villas lay the most marvelous beaches, just waiting to be explored. With over 300 days of perfect, sunny weather, North Cyprus is the perfect island getaway for romance or family fun. Your time spent in the North Cyprus villas offers you the modern-day conveniences that you are accustomed to alongside the mystery and intrigue that surrounds the Mediterranean. Stunning views from atop the mountains let you gaze into the forever of the sea - you can almost imagine the shape of Cleopatra's ship in the distance or the anticipation of Aphrodite rising with the next wave.

Hopelessly romantic and steeped with the charm of a people that still believe in the old world ways of making each guest feel special and unique, North Cyprus villas provides the perfect getaway for those seeking to escape the harried and frustrating world of 9-5 and beyond. Leave behind the cell phones and the blackberries, the computers and the games, find yourself in a paradise world reminiscent of the Garden of Eden - where the animals roam freely and the land is unspoiled. North Cyprus villas offer the escape that many are seeking, a chance get reacquainted with yourself and your family without life rushing past you.

Are you ready for the break of a lifetime? Can you imagine how it will feel as the stress leaves your body and a feeling of peace takes it's place? If you need to escape from the hustle and bustle, try on one of the North Cyprus villas on for size. You'll find that they are one size fits all - and the prices fit most budgets as well. Meet you in paradise? Find us online at for more information about this gorgeous destination.

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