October 15, 2009

Buy Cyprus Property, The Time's Now

1111773_view_of_caldera.jpgThose of you who have property for sale in Cyprus, we are sorry to inform you that in the "buy sell Cyprus" property market, the advantage is currently definitely in favour of the buyer. Property prices are low now but, if economists are to be believed they are about to rocket, so buyers, hurry if you don't want to miss out on some fab bargains, book yourself some cheap flights and some cheap car hire, Cyprus is waiting for you to invest in a little piece of her.

The climate on the Island is wonderful for both young and old alike, the youngsters love it because of the constant sunshine, around 320 days each year, and the older generation thrive as the mild climate means those old aches and rheumy pains disappear. You can almost jump out of bed in the mornings.

Whether you want to buy or sell Cyprus property you will find that it definitely a buyers market at the moment, there are many looking to buy Cyprus property and many developers looking to sell., so the choice is vast. There are many developers offering great incentives if you buy their properties. Something for nothing, now who could ask for more?

You can find Cyprus property for sale almost anywhere on the Island, even in the mountains. There are some stunning little villages dotted all over the mountain region and some equally stunning Cyprus homes for sale. You can choose from a huge villa, log cabins, old stone village houses or even renovation projects if you so wish, the choice is vast and the choice is yours.

Cyprus is often called the Island of love and fall in love with her you certainly will. She is hot, sassy, and very, very beautiful. She will enthrall you each time you explore her. She is full of surprises and hidden secrets and has a history that will amaze.

Why not log onto the internet and put in "buy or sell Cyprus property" and see what comes up, you will be astonished at some of the great bargains on offer. There is so much to choose from and the prices will leave you wondering how they can be so cheap.

If economists are to be believed (and they have been right so far), property prices are about to rocket so, in a year or twos' time you could be sitting on a goldmine if you invest wisely now. Why not look at look at the buy or sell Cyprus property section and see if you would be wise in investing in two smaller properties and then wait for the prices to rise, you could sell one in a few years for much more than you paid, a nice little nest egg there!!

Whether you are looking to buy or sell Cyprus property, the current advantage is with the buyers. As we have already said if you want to grab a bargain before its too late, you will need to book yourself some cheap flights to Cyprus and take a look for yourself. Hurry though as would hate you to miss out on these bargains, prices are bound to rise shortly.

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Paphos Cyprus - A Wonderful Holiday Destination

45.jpgPaphos, in the Southwest corner of Cyprus, is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Historical and archaeological treasure are everywhere, from the lovely floor mosaics to the network of catacombs used by the early Christians. There are mysterious caves and vaults to explore and beautiful soft sand beaches lapped by a turquoise sea. The District of Paphos has been named as a world heritage site by UNESCO and is the perfect place for a holiday or retirement home.

Paphos itself consists of two districts, the resort area called Kato Phaphos and the town itself called Pano Paphos. The resort area has lovely sand beaches, including the famous Coral Bay, and the popular promenade bordering the sea where tourists and locals stroll on warm summer evenings. It is also famous for it's old harbour and medieval fort but there you can also shop to your heart's content in modern boutiques and malls in Pano Paphos. There is a wide range of cultural entertainment available including regular concerts and operas and there are museums and art galleries to visit.

Antiquities from around Paphos are housed in the District Archaeological Museum and you can see lovely Roman floor mosaics, well preserved after many centuries, in the remains of villas in the area. The remains of the Roman Agora (the market place) are worth a visit as in the ancient building that was dedicated to Asclepius, god of medicine from whom we get the Rod of Asclepius still used today as a symbol of medicine.  To the North west of Phaphos is the Tomb of the Kings dating back to the fourth century. The underground tombs are carved from solid rock and are still being excavated today. They were the burial grounds of the aristocracy of Paphos around the third century C.E. and are named for their magnificence as they were never actually kings buried there. Many were made in the form of residences of the time complete with Doric columns and walls decorated with frescoes.

We could not describe Paphos without referring to the Greek goddess Aphrodite whose birthplace was in the ocean close by. Myth recounts how she was born from the ocean foam and was carried to land at Petra tou Romiou on a scallop shell wafted by the breeze of the Zephyr's. Paphos remained the center of the worship of Aphrodite where she was worshiped in earlier incarnations as Ashtaroth and Ishtar.

Moving out from the center of Paphos district into the green hills of the suburbs you will find stunning views of the coast and the Troodos mountains. Further away are quiet villages still pursuing a life that has remained largely unchanged for centuries. Traditional crafts are still done here including lace making, weaving, silver smithing and embroidery.

Gently rising from Phaphos the surrounding hills offer superb views of the coast and are the location of suburban areas such as Yeroskipou, Konia, Chorio, Peyia, and Tala. A short distance away you will encounter quiet villages still pursuing a rural life that has been unchanged for centuries.

Paphos has a mild climate, with low humidity and is a popular place to visit throughout the year. In the heat of the summer the many sandy beaches are a major attraction but in the cooler winter months cycling and walking in the surrounding hills or theTroodos mountains is an attractive activity. Paphos has so much to offer once visited you will return year after year and never run out of new things to do or interesting places to visit.

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August 24, 2009

Cyprus Offers Excellent Investments

Cyprus offers excellent infrastructure, a high quality of life, low cost of living and generous tax incentives to both businesses and individuals. Watch this video for more information.

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August 17, 2009

Cyprus Vacations - The All Year Round Island

30.jpgNorth Cyprus has turned into a very open region with regards to religion and mixed race neighbor relations. It is the cosmopolitan region of the Mediterranean sea and is one of it's 3 largest islands, being in very close contact to some really "must see" countries like Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel and Greece. It won't take you long to work out just why North Cyprus is such a paradise island.

It was only 4 decades ago that the island of Cyprus was divided in two, due to differences between the Greek and Turkish populations. This left the Greeks living in the south and the Turks in the North until recently, although things are now back to normal, but with the backing of the EU. The North though has had the most significant impact on the property investment market in recent times and has been converted into a real property investment paradise island.

Through the ages Cyprus had taken on a changing face to it's appearance, but has been converted into a beautiful island filled with Capes and Gulfs and is becoming one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean sea.

The tourism industry really has got into gear with such natural surroundings. A "must see" list would be the Korucam Cape, the Zafer Cape, the Guzelyurt Gulf and the Famagusta Gulf, which will just knock you out cold with the sheer beauty that Cyprus offers. The tourist season lasts all year round in Cyprus so there is plenty of time to organize a memorable trip around this paradise island and check out the excellent Cyprus villa rental offers.

You will also find the very interesting Kyrenia mountain range also called the Five Finger Mountains, which are found running parallel to the coast line. The total mountain ranges 130km in length but due to it being so narrow, the total range measures just 260 sq Km. The composition of the range is mainly limestone, marble and dolomite and you will be able to pick up a few of them as souvenirs. One thing that will knock you for six though are the most incredible views which are best seen from some of the really cheap rental villa accommodation found in North Cyprus.

The fertility of the island is guaranteed in North Cyprus and provide natural vegetation such as olive and carob trees leaving a sweet scent in the air throughout the day. Another great day trip out from your North Cyprus villa would be to go and visit a natural spring found in the Five Finger mountain range. You could also try the Mesaoria plain, located in the middle of the island between the Kyrenia and the Troodos mountain ranges. Don't forget that the best views to all of these sites are from North Cyprus Villas.

North Cyprus villas have a prime location around the North and East of the island which are ideal locations for getting the very best views over the crystal blue Mediterranean sea. This section of the coastline is just full of small coves and enticing bays for you to enjoy the day swimming and just sunbathing on the golden sands. Some people may get turned off by beaches so that's why North Cyprus Villas is an excellent choice as they come with your own private swimming pool so nobody is left out.

It hasn't taken us long to see the reasons behind Cyprus having become such a perfect holiday destination with the fabulous views, so many places to visit and of course don't forget those really mild temperature 365 days a year. It isn't surprising that so many people are now discovering North Cyprus villas as the perfect location to enjoy the best side of Cyprus.

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Buying A Vacation Villa In Cyprus

1114189_bel_air_riviere_seche.jpgHave you ever thought about buying a vacation villa in Cyprus to rent out?

Is now the right time to buy?

Any time really is the right time to buy your dream vacation villa in Cyprus.

You just have to remember one thing when your purchasing your Cyprus villa, does your rent cover your mortgage? If it does which in 99% of most cases it will then go ahead and buy one.

You should be looking at this as a long term savings plan, with very sunny vacations included. Not many banks can offer you that!

So what should you consider before you buy your Cyprus Villa?

You really spend a great amount of time looking for what you are really after, you could even hire an estate agent out if you wish, they will gladly take your around. You'll find if you do it this way the agent might be able to get you a discount rate, but you will need to ask first.

Have you considered the size of your Cyprus villa? 3 bedroom 4 bedroom etc….Plus how mant times might you be using it, or what type of people are you going to rent it to. Next you need to know if your after a beachfront villa, how far is it from the airport, how far is it from the main town centre and things like that.

So if you've found somewhere or you might have you eye on your dream villa remember you need to allocate about 10% over your budget on the asking price, this will help you cover all the extra costs, like VAT, Transfer of Titles, agents fee's.

Like any villa if you want to reserve it you'll have to pay a reservation deposit. This reservation deposit will help you secure your villa. Deposit are usually around 10% - 15% of the asking price. Like any villa in Cyprus bought, once you have paid your deposit then the purchase price says the same until completion.

There is one down side to this! You need to remember that your deposit is none refundable, so make sure you're very happy with your purchase of your dream Cyprus villa before you pay your deposit.

There are two sides to Cyprus and each have there own rules about buying property. Both are very straight forward, but the only concern you need when your buying a villa in Northern Cyprus is you need to open a Northern Cyprus bank account. This is very straight forward.

If your looking for more tips on Cyprus villas or Cyprus properties make sure you have a good look at www.cyprusinformer.com they have some great information and resource for buying or renting Cyprus villas.

Villas in Cyprus - Cyprus Informer is a free newsletter and blog for everyone who plans to visit the beautiful island of Cyprus for a SAFE holiday or is looking for information on Villas in Cyprus.

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Vacation Rentals in Cyprus

1030843_luxury_riverside_holiday_apartments.jpgAs a visitor to Cyprus you now can enjoy an attractive alternative to spending your vacation in a hotel or resort. You can rent and even own a private vacation villa in Cyprus, either on or near one of Greek beaches, enjoy your own garden and private swimming pool, and be pampered by your own household staff.

Agios Athanasios where the house is located is a peaceful place for relaxation but still very close to the cosmopolitan town of Limassol for exiting night life. The beach is 5 Km and Limassol centre 4 km away. The bus stop is five minutes on foot and it drives to many destinations. (Route 9). Bank, pharmacy and shopping area are also close to the house. Larnaca and Pafos airports are 70 km away. There are many visible places in the area like "Sfalagiotissa" , a beautiful nunnery located at the top of a hill, the ancient town "Kourion", the ancient town "Amathunta" and Lemesos Archaeological Museum.

The house is a traditional Cyprus village house which has been converted into four spacious self catering studios and a one bedroom apartment under the supervision of the Cyprus museum authorities and the village 'AGRO TOURISM' scheme, sponsored by the Cyprus Tourist Organization. It has its own secluded yard offering peace and privacy to its occupants. All apartments open into a large stone paved yard. The house can sleep 16 persons in the five bedrooms and 6 on extra beds. Three of the bedrooms are with double and two with twin beds. It can be rented as a whole or as separate 4 studios and a one bedroom apartment. Two baby cots can be provided on request with no extra charge. All rooms are comfortable and decorated with traditional Cypriot materials; the bedrooms have private facilities with showers, WC, air conditioning, heating and TV.

Make sure you do your research before deciding to rent villas in Cyprus where you want to spend your vacation

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June 22, 2009

Cyprus Villa - Peyia, Coral Bay, Paphos

Check out this excellent video on Villas in Cyprus. Situated in Peyia on the west coast of Cyprus in the Paphos region, it provides the perfect base for any relaxing holiday. Coral bay has the only sandy beaches in the area and these have been awarded the blue flag for cleanliness and facilities.

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Which is the Best Resort in Cyprus?

1016664_staying_on_sicily.jpgPaphos (Pafos)

A curious mixture of worlds, Paphos is sometimes described as being divided into two halves. The division of this south-western city comprises Kato Pafos (lower Paphos) and Ktima (upper Paphos). The former is the more developed of the two, there are more crowds, more music, more bars and more luxury hotels (Cyprus has seen tremendous growth in recent decades, Paphos no less than anywhere else) than Ktima. Yet it also houses the most intriguing archaeological sites and it's easy to forget the encroachment of the modern world as you explore them in the quiet of the day. Ktima, meanwhile, boasts a more traditional view of Cypriot life; with beautiful colonial architecture and regional food to enjoy, there is less of the hectic buzz that categorises an evening in Kato Paphos. Despite their differences, both offer a very real and undeniably exciting experience of modern Cyprus.

Limassol (Lemesos)

Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus, and holidays here offer attractions matched by few other resorts on the island. The nightlife is famously exuberant (some might say raucous), and the restaurants are second to none. Divided by a busy main road, north of which sit all the attractive cafes, shops and plazas, south of which is a long and popular local Mediterranean beach, Limassol is a vibrant centre of Cypriot life. Some may describe it as a little rough in parts, though it is never threatening. If you like your cities to have the undiluted flavour of life on their streets, then Limassol is not to be missed.


A charming fishing village turned resort, Pissouri is nevertheless a fine choice for your luxury holidays in Cyprus. Surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, the modern town offers villas to rent along the beach or higher up on the hill, from which you can view mile upon mile of spectacular Mediterranean coastline. Located only 30km from Limassol, Pissouri offers a quiet, relaxed and beautiful alternative the more urban diversions of the regional capital. With around half of the residents being local Cypriots and the remainder being visitors from all over Europe and the world, there is an international flavour to the town, but certainly not to the detriment of its distinctly local character.


A small and famously beautiful village in the district of Paphos, Kouklia is surrounded by rich farmland that produces, amongst other things, grapes, olives, citrus fruits and avocados. While not an immediate choice for holidaymakers on the island (the luxury hotels of Cyprus tending to locate in larger towns), there are many fine villas to be found in the area, making it a great choice for those in search of something a little quieter and a little alternative, but with all the atmosphere that Cyprus is famous for.


Kyrenia is famous for its picturesque stone harbour, filled with colourful sailing boats and overlooked by the imposing bulk of Kyrenia castle. A highlight on the itinerary of many Cyprus holidays, the town can suffer from overcrowding in the height of summer, but arrive at any other time of year and you'll discover a delightful destination which combines the charm of the modern island with the arresting architecture of a past age. Unmissable in any extended trip to Cyprus.

Jane Wilkinson is head of Marketing for Cadogan Holidays. This multi award winning travel company can arrange bookings for the very finest luxury hotels Cyprus has to offer, as well as a wealth of other inspirational experiences in a selection of other top destinations.

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Top Five Beaches to Visit on a Holiday in North Cyprus

10.jpgThe Mediterranean has sun, sea and sand in abundance, and boasts some of the world's best beaches. Several of these are in North Cyprus, and if you go on holiday there you're in for a treat. The problem is that you are spoilt for choice. With so many beaches on offer, which ones should you visit or stay close to? We count down the top five to help with your choice.

5. Silver Beach, Famagusta

Silver Beach is south of the ruins at Salamis, and those who want a varied holiday in North Cyprus can combine the joys of this beach with the history and culture on offer in this famous area. The beach is also varied in terms of activities, with a reef that is great for snorkelling and exploring; there are huge numbers of fish and interesting types of marine life to be discovered among the ancient jetties in the cove. The cove is also suitable for younger children due to the shallow shelving of the sand, so the whole family can enjoy the area at any age.

4. Glapsides Public Beach, Famagusta

A short drive from Nicosia, Glapsides Public Beach is great if you are staying in the capital and looking for an accessible beach. It has excellent facilities, with local a mini market, bar, restaurant and showers, as well as dolphin rides designed to make any holiday to North Cyprus special. The beach is busy, but the atmosphere is friendly, with the beach's users being mainly young people and families. There is also dance and club music played by DJs on the beach for people who like to party in the evenings.

3. Alagadi Turtle Beach, Kyrenia.

Alagadi Turtle Beach is for those who want to experience the natural side of North Cyprus beaches. Holidays to Kyrenia are enhanced by visiting this beach, where you can see green and loggerhead turtles come and lay their eggs in the summer; there are cordoned off areas of the beach where you can enjoy the sea and sand as usual while protecting the ecology of the local area.

4. Escape Beach, Kyrenia

Escape beach is interesting from an enjoyment and historical perspective. The beach is known as Yavuz Cikarma Plaji, the area where the Turkish Troops landed during the Peace Operation in 1974, but is now carefully landscaped with lush grass and beautiful flowers.

On the beach proper there are a plethora of water sports available, from jet skiing to banana ride, canoeing to pedal boats and from snorkelling to scuba diving. The beach also has a volleyball area, restaurant and bar, with all the facilities you could ask for. The beach has an incredible mix of activities and history for you to enjoy on your Holidays in North Cyprus.

1. Karpaz Beaches

Our number one beach is less one specific beach and more a series of remote beaches. The Beaches in Karpaz are more secluded, and appeal more to those on luxury holidays to North Cyprusbecause of their isolated and much more exclusive nature. Each beach in the area has its own charm; the beach at Kasa was an ancient harbour called Karpasia; Yeni Erenkoy is a public beach with showers and hot food available; and there are small coves along the Karpaz peninsula itself that offer utter seclusion. Karpaz has the greatest variety of beaches available, and staying on or near the peninsula gives you complete choice while on holiday in North Cyprus.

Sarah Arnesen is the Marketing Manager for Anatolian Sky, a company offering incredible holidays in North Cyprus. They provide holidays to the entire Anatolian region, including Asia Minor, Cyprus, and Turkey itself.

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June 12, 2009

Buying Cyprus Property

6.jpgBuying a vacation property has become more than just trendy – it has become an important part of anyone's financial portfolio. People from Western countries are increasingly snapping up vacation properties in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and other choice locations in warmer climates.

One island that is seeing renewed interest is Cyprus. Being a relatively new member of the European Community, Cyprus property are also seen a surge in demand because English is widely spoken as a second language.

Being part of the EEC is expected to be a precursor to increased property prices, making Cyprus an excellent long-term investment for real estate. The stable economy is expected to continue to grow as a result.

Investment properties in Cyprus are like tax havens

The exciting news for any property investor is that Cyprus is almost like a tax haven within the European Community. There is no inheritance tax or gift tax, pensions from abroad are taxed at a flat rate of just 5%, interest earned on foreign capital imported into Cyprus is tax exempt, and investment income remitted to Cyprus by foreign nations is taxed at a flat rate of 5%. Even the corporate tax rate is a flat 10%. Cyprus also has signed double taxation agreements with many countries, including the United Kingdom. A Capital Gains Tax of 20% is payable on the sale of immovable property in Cyprus, but no capital gains tax is payable on gains from investments. Personal income tax rates range form 0 - 30%.

Interestingly, there is increasing demand for Cyprus properties from non-traditional sources, including the Middle East, Russia and its former states and United States, as well.

According to Glen Young of SunSeaker Properties, the island has the dual benefits of being popular for both retirees and vacationers. Retirees buy property in Cyprus for their own use, largely to bask in the warm Mediterranean sun and escape the snow and cold winds of winter. The attraction of Cyprus as a second home (or a new first home) is helped by a skilled work force, relatively affordable prices and a friendly, welcoming population.

But Cyprus is also a popular travel and leisure destination, with regular affordable flights from major European cities. Visitors look for quality accommodation, such as villas and apartments can offer. This makes Cyprus property a good investment, earning an income until the owner wants to sell and cash in…or until the owner decides to retire and use the property for his own purposes.

Of course, over 320 days of sunshine certainly don't hurt land values on this Mediterranean island.

Unlike in many other sunshine destinations, the legal system in Cyprus is mostly based on the British legal system and is designed to safeguard the property purchaser. This makes it particularly attractive to UK investors. Once the contract of sale is signed and a deposit is paid, the contract is registered at the land registry office. This procedure protects the purchaser's ownership rights until the title deeds are issued and transferred to his or her name. The contract in the hands of the Land Registry cannot be withdrawn by anyone, and therefore the property cannot be leased, sold, transferred or mortgaged. Only the purchaser himself can alter this status.

Cyprus investment properties might require some patience

With so much going for it, even Cyprus is not perfect. Sometimes it does take patience to buy property in Cyprus. As with many sunny locations, the bureaucrats don't always see the need to rush and paperwork can take longer than an eager buyer would sometimes like.

In the case of buying property "off-plan", it can often take a couple years for the development to be completed…meaning that the buyer might need some bridge financing until the property can be let and income starts rolling in. Mortgages, usually up to 75%, are readily available, and the wise investor will look for one that requires only 30% to be paid down over the period of construction, making financing affordable to average investors.

With a little planning and patience, Cyprus properties are easy to obtain and promise to carry a positive return on investment. Sooner or later, everyone retires; it's never too early to stake out an investment property on your favorite Cyprus beach.

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